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Nature Bazaar

Nature Bazaar at Andheria Modh, New Delhi, is a joint initiative of DASTKAR, a leading Indian craft NGO, and Delhi Tourism.


Monthly events, each with their own distinctive theme and character, with new participants and products every month, showcase India's diverse craft heritage - the 100 stalls changing with the festive calendars and seasons.


In between the themed 12 day Bazaars every month, the GALI-E-KHAAS, a line of permanent stalls provides visitors with a regular space for sourcing craft, textile, natural and lifestyle products.


The Bazaar features authentic crafts and craftspeople from all over India and the entire gamut of handmade, handwoven, organic, herbal and recycled products. Skills and products range from wonderful handloom weaves, embroideries and block prints to centuries-old traditions of bidri and dhokra metal craft or tribal Gond and Madhubani folk art. Garments, gifts, accessories and toys all come with the vibrant richness of India's diverse handicraft traditions.


Cultural performances and music bring the monthly NATURE BAZAAR craft Bazaars alive, while craft demonstrations and workshops add an educational and participatory dynamic.


Food stalls with a variety of regional and fast food refreshments and snacks, ranging from the savoury to the sweet, add spice to the craft experience.
The NATURE BAZAAR offers a vibrant, colourful, constantly changing experience, where craft and design meet food, flowers and natural products; and age-old traditions are complemented by contemporary style.


The venue is ideally positioned on the main intersection between South Delhi and Gurgaon, just opposite the Chhatarpur Metro station.


Other facilities at the venue include an ATM, a florist and plant nursery, fabric stalls.

Waste management, recycling, vermiculture and solar energy will be part of the venue culture, with workshops and awareness programmes and demonstrating that environmentally friendly, 'green' practices can be both practical and fun.


Dastkar's 3 decades experience in working with craftspeople all over India, and in organising over 160 Craft Bazaars and exhibitions, and Delhi Tourism's years of travel and tourism expertise, combine in bringing you the Andheria Modh NATURE BAZAAR New Delhi.


Ensuring not only an enriching visitor experience, but also genuine crafts and quality craftsmanship- brought to you by the craftspeople themselves.


DASTKAR, a national NGO working with crafts and craftspeople for over 3 decades, strongly believes in crafts as a catalytic tool for social and economic empowerment and earning. Partnering with Delhi Tourism, it is developing the Nature Bazaar venue in Andheria Modh as a craft and cultural hub, linking South Delhi and Gurgaon.






Nature Bazaar Venue,
Andheria Modh, Anuvrat Marg,
Chhatarpur, New Delhi -110074
Tel: 2680-8633/5948/3549/5921
Mob: 9910802970