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Delhi Heritage Walk - Kanika Singh


Delhi Heritage Walks is a team of young historians who lead walking trails in lesser known parts of the city of Delhi. Regular walks open to all members of the public are organised on weekends and the calendar of the month is available on www.delhiheritagewalks.com. The charges for regular walks are Rs. 600/- per head.


Custom walks are organised on request. The charges are Rs. 3000/- for a single person; Rs. 4000/- for 2-5 people; Rs. 800/- per person for 6 or more people.


Some of our most popular trails are:

Mehrauli Archaeological Park: This Park is unique in being dotted with ruins from early medieval times to the 19th century. It is one of the most interesting sites in Delhi. Its main attractions include the mosque and tomb of Jamali, a royal tomb which is the first building in the subcontinent to use the true arch, a beautiful step well with subterranean rooms and residence of a British official (which was built out of a tomb). The site is adjacent to the Qutab Complex.


Hauz Khas & Deer Park: Hauz Khas is a reservoir built in early 14th century, which gives the village and the area its name. Ruins of a large madrasa and a royal tomb stand on one edge of the tank. Today Hauz Khas is home to designer boutiques, cafes and studios. The adjacent Deer Park has some stunning monuments hidden in its depths.


Jahanpanah & Begumpur: This is one of the more curious sites in Delhi. Located in South Delhi near Sarvapriya Vihar, this walk covers the remains of the city of Jahanpanah. The site is called Vijay Mandal & it believed to have included the Hall of A Thousand Pillars, so vividly described by Ibn Battuta. Begumpur Masjid is one of the least known but most stunning monuments in Delhi.


Lodi Garden: Lodi Garden is Delhi's most beautiful and popular parks. Here monuments are located amidst landscaped garden. It has the royal tombs of medieval rulers of Delhi: Muhammad Shah and Sikander Lodi; a gateway called Bara Gumbad with an exquisitely decorated mosque, Shish gumbad; a 16th century bridge and a couple of late-Mughal monuments. The park is rich in variety of trees and birds.


Tughluqabad: A 14th century capital of Delhi, Tughluqabad is ruins frozen in time. The remains of this massive complex stretch as far as the eye can see. This heritage walk explores the fort, the royal tomb which once stood in a lake, palace buildings, granaries, dungeons & a secret escape route! http://blog.delhiheritagewalks.com/of-sultans-sufis-the-cursed-city-of-tughluqabad-heritage-walk-on-10-feb-13/


Kotla Firuz Shah: A 14th century citadel in Delhi, now gives its name to the cricket stadium nearby. The citadel is believed to be haunted by djinns and people come here in to offer prayers to them in the hope of getting their wish fulfilled. It has some interesting monuments: a circular baoli, a 4th century Asokan pillar and the Jami Masjid which earned praise from Tamerlane himself.


Mehrauli Village : This walk explores the area behind the famous Qutb complex. A historic village, Mehrauli is built around the Sufi shrine of Bakhtiyar Kaki. Each monument in the neighbourhood has a story to tell: step wells where water smelled of sulphur, a tank where Prophet Muhammad left a mark, martyrdom site of Sikh hero Banda Bahadur, a palace of the Mughals and a still empty grave meant for the last Mughal emperor.


Chandni Chowk: A heritage walk through the main street of old Delhi, with landmarks of Shah Jahanís capital. We cover some famous bazaars, temples of all faiths and some well known food stops along the way. We start at Digamber Jain Mandir, see Gauri Shankar temple, Sisganj Gurdwara, Fatehpuri Masjid, shivalayas in Katra Neel, Town Hall, ending with a spectacular view of old Delhi from Khari Baoli.


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